The class identified the following events that take place during:

The Introduction
- Narrator recalling childhood/teenage years as a boy/man of the sea
- recalls first ride in boat
- we learn that the narrator is now a professor at a Midwestern university

The Rising Action
- father`s interest in books->affects the daughters-> influences their opinion on education and this may have influenced them to leave the fishing community and seek other opportunities
- father is away a lot, mother acts like a single parent- narrator`s perspective-> this allows us some insight into why the mother is such a 'powerful' and sometimes harsh character, she is powerful like the sea--> maybe she has had to be--> plays stereotypical role of mother and father when father is absent; disciplinary parent, but also the present/caring one?

The Climax
- father dies-> there is some speculation as to whether or not he did this on purpose

The Falling Action
- reminiscing about actions and father`s death

Denouement (final outcome/untangling of events)

--> After the ending of the story, the readers can recall that the son ended up as a university professor and did not continue to run the boat after his father's death. Would this have been possible had his father lived?